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   Coffee Machines

An espresso and coffee machine or Brewers used to produce espresso coffee or expresso by forcing the best temp' water through 7-10 grams of finely ground coffee, which has been compressed with approximately 30 lbf (130 N) of force into a densely packed puck, at a pressure of 900 kPa (9 bars) or greater  - Brewer , Manual Lever Espresso Machines , Semi-Automatic (Pump) Espresso Machines , Automatic (Pump) Espresso Machines , Super-Automatic Espresso Machines .



 Manual Lever Espresso Machines

These Italian espresso machines offer old world style and craftsmanship with the ability to brew exquisite espresso , however , they do require the most skill to operate and are only recommended for the hands-on espresso purist who is willing to experiment. Pump pressure is developed by manually pulling the lever.

Office coffee Machines

This machines are all designed to quickly brew a single cup of coffee at a time. The coffee grounds are in prepared, single-serving Its machines are all designed to quickly brew a single cup of coffee at a time. The coffee grounds are in prepared, single serving K-Cups.

Semi-Automatic (Pump) Espresso Machines

The most common type of machine for home use and simple to operate, featuring an electric brewing pump which is manually turned on and off by the user. Some experimentation is still required to achieve a perfect espresso; however, the main variables are limited to coffee bean quality, grind fineness and tamp pressure.

Espresso Capsule

Capsule machines are the ultimate in convenience and ideally suited for offices, restaurants and other food service operation as well as in the home. Brewing a thick, rich espresso is as simple as placing capsule pre-filled with ground coffee into the machine and pressing a button and a steam wand is provided for making cappuccino or latte. Our  Espresso Point Italian capsule machines are commercial grade and have been distributed throughout Europe and the United States for many years.

Automatic (Pump) Espresso Machines

The machine uses a pump that pulls water from a reservoir and returns it into a tank that heats the water, the same as semi-automatic units with the added convenience of an electronic flow sensor which turn off the pump once the selected brew volume is reached.
Two temperature controls the boiler heats the water to brewing temperature and the brew button is pressed, the pump activates and water gets pushed through the boiler, then through the grounds in the brew head.


Super-Automatic Espresso Machines

Super-automatic espresso makers are sophisticated machines that go from bean to cup at the touch of a button. They have built-in grinders and brewing mechanisms that automatically grind the coffee, fill and tamp the filter basket, brew a pre-determined volume of espresso then dump the used coffee grounds in an internal waste container. These machines also feature steam wands or automatic frothers to steam milk for making cappuccino or latte.