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Coffee making Methods
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Viennese - coffee with the addition of fig essence
Decaffeinated - with caffeine removed.

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Several kinds of coffee making systems are available . These come in different sizes for commercial or domestic use .





Coffee online store - Methods for Making coffee beverage varieties
There are a variety of ways to make a cup of coffee or Hot Chocolate in various of Coffee pots and these come in many different styles and offer various ways to produce the desired brew.
It can be as simple as spooning instant powder into hot water or as complicated as the processes that use sophisticated and expensive coffee makers. Selecting the right method for you is a matter of knowing what you expect from your cup of coffee and what you are willing to tolerate as far as brewing procedures.

1. Cafetire or plunger pot.
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2. Percolated
3. Turkish method - poured into boiling water with almost equal quantities of sugar. This mixture is heated up to the point of boiling , lower the heat and at the same time stir the coffee with a spoon and boil for a further 2 minutes..
4. Espresso - pressurised steam forced through the coffee. - Cappuccino strong espresso coffee to which frothy cream or milk is added pinch of powdered chocolate served on top.
5. Vacuum infusion for receiving water to be heated and brewed coffee and for receiving coffee grounds and brewing coffee therein.
6. Coffee Urns - perfect when you need a larger supply of hot, freshly brewed coffee in offices, family parties, catered events and meetings ,made stainless steel construction, automatic temperature control, automatic shut-off and a no-drip spout.
7. Filter Coffee
8. Hot Chocolate - Hot chocolate or hot cocoa, or drinking chocolate is a kind of drink. Usually it is served hot. It is made by mixing hot milk with melted chocolate or cocoa powder and sugar.



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Coffee can be divided into the country of origin & the degree of roasting as well as type of bean. The most famous producers are: Colombia coffee , Java coffee , Kenyan coffee  ,  Ethiopia coffee ,  Hawaii coffee ,  Jamaica coffee  , Yemen - Mocha , Brazil - Santos , Sumatra Mandheling and Sumatra Lintong  , Sulawesi - Sulawesi Toraja Kalossi , Tanzania - Tanzania Peaberry , Uganda
Instant coffee - spray dried / freeze dried / liquid extract



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