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How to use coffee pod
 If you want to prepare your own single cup of coffee by using a coffee pod, the first thing you should do is to buy your own single serve coffee, making machine. , it is simple to use - fill it with water im to the machine, insert the coffee pod, press the bottom and half a minute later you have a great cup of coffee.
 A special spray head and just the right water pressure creates a smooth frothy single serving coffee. The machines look smart; they are sleek and stylish and look terrific in any kitchen.

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Espresso Capsule
Capsule machines are the ultimate in convenience and ideally suited for offices, restaurants and other food service operation as well as in the home. Brewing a thick, rich espresso is as simple as placing capsule pre-filled with ground coffee into the machine and pressing a button and a steam wand is provided for making cappuccino or latte. Our LavAzza Espresso Point Italian capsule machines are commercial grade and have been distributed throughout Europe and the United States for many years.






Coffee pods / pads
Coffee pods (also called coffee pads) are pre-packaged coffee beans in their own filter, like a round tea bag . In non - English speaking countries like Germany and The Netherlands the word pad is used instead of pod. A variation, coffee bags,
were developed to provide the convenience of instant coffee but maintain the flavor of brewed coffee. Modeled after tea bags, they consist of a gauze bag containing a mixture of instant coffee and finely ground roast coffee, which is to be steeped in hot water for approximately five minutes.

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Choosing between the different brands on the market that sell coffee pods
Thare are meny different brands on the market that sell coffee pods who used to produce them, make a pick between some famous brands on the market that sell gourmet coffee. you have many options when buying your coffee pod, you can try everything and then compare. You are the only one to decide which brand you like more, which offers you better quality or which is more affordable for you. getting fast and fresh coffee also means a higher price than the one practiced for ground coffee or coffee beans. Still, this might have no importance for you, because now you know to appreciate great coffee.








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Coffee pods Machines

This machines allows you to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee with a frothy coffee layer whenever you feel like it. Each cup is freshly brewed, so you're always sure of a pure and smooth taste. it is convenient coffee pods containing different blends of roast and ground coffee. it ensure you only get the very best in flavor and aroma from your coffee.

Our Mission is to be a leading exporter of fine Coffee pods / pads all over the world