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Coffea canephora - Robusta Coffee Robusta or Coffea canephora as the name suggests, is a much tougher and it shows a greater resistance to climate and weather conditions, diseases and heat and their taste can range from neutral to harsh and they are often described as tasting grain-like or oatmeally.

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Coffea canephora (Robusta Coffee Coffea robusta) is a species of coffee which has its origins in western Africa. It is
grown mostly in Africa and Brazil, where it is often called Conillon.  Both the Robusta and Arabica coffee plant can grow to heights of 10 meters if not pruned but the countries where coffee is produced will maintain the plant at a reasonable height which is suitable for harvesting.

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Best Coffee and espresso Makers , Coffee Machine and products for trade and internet Supplies




In recent years Vietnam, which only produces robusta, has surpassed Brazil, India, and Indonesia to become the world's single largest exporter. Approximately one third of the coffee produced in the world is robusta.

Their unroasted smell is often described as raw-peanutty. There are high quality robustas on the market but they are rare and reserved exclusively for the best robusta containing espressos.

Robusta coffee beans are more robust than the Arabica plants, but produce an inferior tasting beverage with a higher caffeine content. Robusta Green Beans, Hand Washed Processing, Sun Dried and Stored under Dyhumidifier. It is a hardy plant, similar in climatic requirements to common coffee, but cannot be successfully grown where temperatures dip below 32F for any length of time. It may succeed marginally in subtropical areas. An optimum temperature range falls roughly between 65-80F.
This species of coffee beans is widely grown in Africa and Brazil where locals called it as Conillion
Canephora is easier to care for than the other major species of coffee, Coffea arabica, and, because of this, is cheaper to produce.
Best Coffee and espresso Makers , Coffee Machine and products for trade and internet Supplies
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Since arabica beans are considered superior, robusta is usually limited to lower grade coffee blends as a filler. It is however often included in instant coffee, and in espresso blends to promote the formation of "crema". Robusta has about twice as much caffeine as arabica. It is also grown in Southeast Asia where French colonists introduced it in the late 19th century.