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By weight, the amount of caffeine found naturally in coffee is only about 1% for the Arabica and 2% for the Robusta coffee beans.

Storage: Store in a sealed container in a refrigerator, coffee can loses its aroma quickly after roasting.
Caffeine: This alkaloid gives coffee its stimulating quality
Products:  Coffea arabica , Coffea , coffee roaster Decaffeinated coffee or "decaf" is coffee that has had most of the caffeine removed.


A wide variety of products available to our clients, which includes an assortment of environmentally friendly solution to Disposable cups for hot and cold beverages.

 The spectrum of Disposable cups





Varieties of Disposable Spoons

Are available in distinct pack sizes in different color and designs. These are flow wrapped by machine under strict hygienic conditions using different food grade plastics.
When you are finished with them, recycle them b
y throwing them in your compost pile.


Disposable Spoons store
We have a vast range of Disposable Spoons to ch
oose from. Now serving can be made stylish, in distinct commercial sectors, residential, hotels and restaurants, parties, occasion, home, offices or any other organization where there is a need for disposable cutlery.

The roasting process is integral to producing a savory cup of coffee.


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