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Stainless Steel Coffee Urn -
 large-size urn holds 5 - 12 cups of coffee! Ideal for hunting, camping, or large parties, this sturdy stainless steel urn keeps beverages hot or cold for hours. Push-action air pump for an easy pour.
professional catering urns -
 The professional range of catering urns designed for everyday use and aimed at those in the hospitality industry. it has a butterfly element and a safety cut-out. Coupled to this is the inclusion of heat resistant handles and a tough stainless steel build.
bulk brew urns - hot water outlet, bulk filter coffee on demand. Plumbed in to mains water via standard washing machine connection. Ideal front of house unit.

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Using a coffee urn
push the handle down for individual quick-stop cup serving Base design accommodates cup with saucer for easy serving Ready light indicates end of brewing cycle Power light glows to indicate the urn is on 1250 watts, 120 volts, AC only.






Coffee Urns
A Coffee Urn is a large size percolator, which is often used at banquet halls, church suppers, and motel lobbies. Typically, these appliances are capable of making from 30 to 100 cups of coffee, depending on the size of the urn.

kept hot
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Professional class urns tend to be the best, especially when it comes to the spigot at the bottom of the urn that will serve coffee. Small spigots on cheaper models that are difficult to turn off can mean coffee spills are frequent. Good quality spigots that are easy to operate and durable extend the life of your coffee urn and save on wasting coffee.








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Stainless steel Coffee urn -
Designed for buffet tables, offices, churches, break rooms, lounges and cafes Durable
Main Features:

* Non-drip coffee dispensing tap
* Built-in cup tray
* Removable washable drip tray
* On/off switch with power on indicator
* Finish: Silver
* 1000W
* 24 cup capacity
* Water level mark with large window
* Permanent filter with distribution plate
* Detachable coffee tank allows it to be used as a water urn.